I always hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Friday is the deadline for us to file our state tax returns. Faced with such a deadline, the The Louisiana Department of Revenue suggests that filing electronically is the best way to beat the deadline.

Filing online is easier now than ever before. You can file your return, make a payment on your taxes, or even scan and upload any receipts you may have.

If you've never filed electronically, you can get more details on how to go about that process HERE.

According to officials, taxpayers who chose to file electronically wait an average of about 21 days for their refund to be processed. On the other hand, people who file a paper return will find themselves waiting about 10 weeks.

If you can't make the deadline, you can easily file an extension. The extension must be filed by tomorrow as well and officials note that the extension only allows more time to file your statement not more time to pay any taxes that may be due.