Zombies must be eating good in Louisiana. Dead people received over one million dollars if food stamps in the last 4 years.

food stamps
getty images/Spencer Platt

Think how many live people the state of Louisiana could have been fed with that 1.3 million dollars. Then think of that as your money that was squandered .... because it is! It would seem a lot of the money is spent months after the card holder's have died. According to WWL Department of Children and Family Services Secretary Suzy Sonnier noted that according to a recent audit more than $556,000 — about 43 percent of the total — was spent four months or more after the recipient's death, according to the audit. Nearly $273,000, or 21 percent, was spent in the first month. The agencies fraud and recovery unit is looking for people who have used the cards and will try to recover the money. Good luck with that.

People who have been expired for months don't all of a sudden wake up hungry. I don't think zombies eat at all. The problem is that the funds remain on the card for about a year. This gives someone lots of time to use the card or sell it to someone else who will use it.

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