I'd be willing to bet that, at some point in your school years, one or both of your parents did something that embarrassed the hell out of you. When you're school age, it doesn't take much to embarrassed at that age and parents just seem to have  a knack for putting us on the spot with our friends. Once, when I was in about the 5th grade my mom kind of embarrassed me in front of just about everyone in the cafeteria.

My mom usually made lunch for me to take to school, but this one particular day she ran out of time or something like that and told me sh'ed bring my lunch to school. We;ll in my little 5th grade mind, I pictured her bring my lunch box and leaving it at the school office. No such luck!

My mom showed up right there in the cafeteria in front of the whole school with my lunch. Now, this wasn't like any school lunch I had ever seen, Basically, it was fresh fried chicken along with mashed potatoes and gravy and a side veggie. It was what may have constituted an embarrassment of riches.

Many of my friends gathered around telling me how lucky I was to have such a wonderful lunch while they were all eating whatever the cafeteria was pushing that day, As for me, I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me right up. It didn't happen. I've thought about that day many times over the years and my whole attitude about the event has changed. Now, I look back on it and find it typical of my mom.

Now, along comes this guy who decides he needs to go pick up his son after school. The man, further determines that, on this particular day, he needs to put on nothing but a speedo and go pick up three kid after school. What's really amazing is the kid's reaction. You can tell that, while the son wasn't exactly crazy about it, he kind of takes it in stride. You know, like dad does this stuff all the time.

I'll take the lunch delivered to my school over the dad in the speedo any day.


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