How Am I Just Now Discovering Winstop's Corn On The Cob Recipe?

If you have been to Wingstop and you are adventurous you have probably tried their Cajun Fried Corn. I tried it once and I am a believer. When I tried it I tried to deconstruct it out loud while my neighbor just scoffed and said "It's butter and cajun seasoning".

I Went Home and Was Determined to Try to Make the Cajun Corn Using My Air Fryer.

I knew I needed the basics of just butter and Tony's seasoning. First, you take an ear of corn and tear the husks until the corn is just a big lump with knobs. Cut the corn into quarter pieces. Take half a stick of butter and melt it down in the oven. Grab the corn and put it in a large mixing bowl. Then add the butter and mix it up after the butter is evenly spread throw your favorite cajun seasoning in there, if you want to make it spicy add some chili powder to it too. Preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees and then lay out the corn evenly. Let the corn cook for about 6 minutes then flip them over for another 6 minutes, so 12 minutes total, or until they get to the color you want.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Don't Worry After You Air Fry the Corn, It Still Has the Juice.

You can also add more butter at the end if you feel they come out too dry. When I tried it with butter everything changed. I went ahead and melted butter down and mixed the butter and cajun seasoning. Wingstop who? My corn was delicious. If you want to have a corntastic day, make this super easy corn recipe at home today.

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