I'm all about anything that relieves stress. Now, for the most part, I have very little stress in my life, but that's only because, over the years, I've learned how to handle stress better. Stress is one of those things that has almost no symptoms, but can be deadly if it's not handled correctly.

Now my doctor isn't one of those guys who writes a prescription at the drop of a hat. I'm often convinced that the still has the original prescription pad he got when he became a doctor. Instead of being a pill dispenser, he prefers to try and do as many things as possible the natural way and I appreciate that.

Sure, there are tons of meds available for stress, but think about how much better it is if you can control stress through diet. Well, that's exactly what this video is all about. The cool things is that just about any grocery store is going to have these items and, for the most part, are pretty tasty foods.

If you deal with stress, by all means, go see a doctor. Do that before you do anything else, but, at the same time, check out this video and try some of the Super Food Stress Relievers


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