As the old song goes, "It's a Sign of the Times." A musicologist at the Boston Conservatory set out to compose the "ultimate Christmas song." Dr. Joe Bennett says that, before he began composing the tune, he did some heavy duty research on just what makes a Christmas song successful.

Bennett says he studied about 200 of the top Christmas song and paid special attention things like lyrics, tempo, vocals and the perfect musical key for the song. In his research he found that there were certain lyrics that all these successful Christmas songs had in common. Bennett says the song had to contain the words, snow,home, peace and such, but he says the song must contain the word "Christmas."

Bennett went even further in his research and determined just how many beats per minute the song had to have (115) and the tune needed plenty of sleigh bells. Armed with all that information, Bennett then composed a song called "Love Isn't Just for Christmas."

I played a snippet of the song on the air this morning and, I have to say, that compared to some songs that make it each year, this one is not really all that bad. You decide for yourself. Do you think that, next year, radio stations all over the country will be playingf this on right along side "Jingle Bells" and "Let it Snow?"

The singer in the video isn't named, but she does a great job on it.


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