Trying to narrow down the classic moments of "The Andy Griffith Show" to five clips is not easy. Just off the top though, here are some wonderful moments from a wonderful show..


1. Barney and the Preamble to the Constitution

2. The Darling Family- I've heard that Andy loved these scenes. The guys playing are real musicians. They were a well respected bluegrass act known as The Dillards. Gene Clark of the Byrds was once a member.

3. Romeo and Juliet- This was a record that Andy Griffith recorded a few years before he performed it on the show

4. What a great job Andy and Don Knotts did in this scene.

5. Ron Howard has always maintained that both Don Knotts and Andy were really great people. Howard adds that since his own dad was a such a great father (as we can tell from the way Howard has not had many of the problems of child stars) he didn't think of Andy as a father figure. He's quick to add that he always liked Andy and Don because they treated him like a friend.
Here's Andy being fatherly in a great scene with Ron Howard

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