Think of the sounds that make you happy. I love the sound of a crackling fire in the fireplace, the wind chimes gently ringing in a breeze, a kids laughter and most of all I love music. Imagine not being able to hear any of this. Take it a step further and imagine that your daughter sings but you have never been able to hear it. All that changed for one dad this Christmas.

Ken Stehle had never heard his 15 year old daughter Ashley sing before. She was scheduled to sing in a school Christmas program and this time it would be different. Ashley was fitted with a special microphone while her dad wore a special receiver around his neck that connected to a powerful hearing aid. Would it work? Just in case Ashley had a special surprise.

There was a special song added to the program that Ken did not know about. It was "Daddy, Please Come Home for Christmas." When Ashley first started her solo performance she was also signing the words but soon realized her dad could hear her and she did not need to sign. Her dad was sitting in the audience entranced with his eyes closed actually hearing her sing for the first time. Christmas miracles do happen.

After the performance a teary eyed audience applauded while Ashley left the stage to share a special hug with her dad. This will be a Christmas that the Stehle family will always remember.

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