When it comes to Christmas, cookie choice is important. I mean, you don't want to disappoint Santa after he spent all that time putting presents under the tree.

Sugar? Chocolate Chip? Thumbprint? Which Christmas cookie fills you with the most holiday cheer?

According to Mashed.com, there really aren't any "bad" cookies out there, but they still managed to come up with a pretty solid list of the best (and worst) cookies that the holiday season has to offer.

  1. Chocolate chip cookies
  2. Gingerbread cookies
  3. Peanut butter blossoms
  4. Pecan snowballs
  5. Chocolate crinkles
  6. Danish butter cookies
  7. Peanut butter cookies
  8. Snickerdoodles
  9. Persimmon cookies
  10. Sugar cookies

Now, I personally don't understand how sugar cookies could be so low on the list, but the rest of their rankings seem to be pretty spot on.

You can check out what other cookies made Mashed's list on their website.

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