When it comes to lazy, no one quite does it like Louisiana.  It seems like every time there's a national ranking, the Bayou State ends up at the bottom of the list.  This time, it's the CDC's turn to take pot shots at the residents of this fine state.

The Centers for Disease Control has released it's findings on the activity level of each state, and as you can probably tell - we didn't do too well.  Louisiana was grouped at the bottom of the list with 6 other states (Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Mississippi) and 2 territories (Guam and Puerto Rico) for having more than 30% of residents considered to be "inactive adults."

The number of reported inactive adults in Louisiana even out paces the average in the South (28%) which is easily the laziest part of the nation.

You can check out the rest of the numbers and find out how we stack up against the rest of the nation here, don't worry - it won't take a lot of effort to click on the link.


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