Updated on May 19, the CDC has released a huge document laying out guidelines on how to be open but safe in order to slow down the spread of COVID-19. There were drafts of the guidelines circulating around social media weeks ago, but now it seems the drafts are set in stone. The document lays out how schools will be able to open and have students, how sports and camps should operate, and how restaurants will need to operate during the phases.

The CDC has done a pretty nice job of organizing each category to read over on their site. You can look at it for yourself here. As far as schools being back, the guidelines are extremely thorough.

  • Cloth Face Coverings on children older than two years of age
  • Provide proper hygiene materials such as soaps, sanitizers, wipes, non-touch trash cans
  • Make regular announcements about reducing the spread of COVID-19
  • Posters and signage about hygiene and how to stop the spread

For restaurants and bars, the focus seems to be on spreading out and what items are touched often by various people.

  • Avoid sharing items that are hard to clean
  • Reduce sharing of items used by staff members
  • Encourage the use of disposable menus, touch less payments, single serving utensils and condiments
  • Bars seating should be six feet apart
  • Use app alerts, instead of hand held buzzers, for table waiting and not use waiting areas

One that might hit extra hard in SWLA is the guideline for sports!

  • Limit the number of games during a season
  • Limit the amount of players per team
  • Spectators, volunteers, and visitors should be limited
  • Try to not travel outside of your own community to play
  • Limit direct contact during practices and only allow it during game play

The CDC's website even has guidelines you can follow for your own home to make sure you are doing all you can to keep you and your family safe and prevent the spread. This all still feels like something out of a movie or a crazy post-apocalyptic video game I have played.

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