It is always the little things that cause the most problems. I think this Amoeba has "Little Amoeba Syndrome. Seriously ... this killer has been found in another Louisiana water system and it is raising health questions about every water supply.

getty images/Joe Raedle

According to WWL The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals is stepping up it's testing of the states municipal water supplies. With the addition of Sabine Parish ... the brain-eating amoeba, Naegleria Fowleri, has been found in a two Louisiana water systems. It was earlier discovered in St. John the Baptist Parish. The amoeba is not dangerous to drink. The problems come when the water goes up someone's nose and the amoeba comes in contact with the brain. The test to determine whether or not a water system has the amoeba has not been a standard test. The CDC is working on coming up with a sampling program to test for the amoeba.