Thank you Louisiana voters, campaign staff and volunteers! It has been and will continue to be an honor to serve you. Together we can make this state the best place in the world to raise a family and pursue the American dream.

This was the victory message posted on Bobby Jindal's Facebook page after winning with just over 66% of the vote in the Louisiana governor's race. This 66% is being reported by the Louisiana Secretary of State's office with 4238 of 4258 precincts reporting. While many of the names are unknown by most Louisianians, Jindal was in the race with nine other hopefuls.

Here is the breakdown of the candidates that received the other 34% of the vote as reported by the Louisiana Secretary of State website.


4238 of 4258 precincts reporting

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David Blanchard (N) 2.61% 26413

Leonard "Lenny" Bollingham (N) 0.51% 5167

"Ron" Ceasar (N) 0.79% 8043

Cary J. Deaton (D) 4.83% 48871

Tara Hollis (D) 17.76% 179745

"Bobby" Jindal (R) 66.05% 668372

William Robert "Bob" Lang, Jr. (N) 0.89% 9021

Scott Lewis (L) 1.22% 12375

"Niki Bird" Papazoglakis (D) 2.12% 21430

Ivo "Trey" Roberts (D) 3.21% 32489

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