The loss of two lives at last weeks senseless shooting in Lafayette is bad enough without the added misery of protesters showing up and deepening the sadness of an already tragic occasion.

Well, there has been such a threat of protest at the funerals of these victims in Lafayette and, while the right to protest is guaranteed by the Constitution, Governor Bobby Jindal is taking steps to see that the protesters don't interfere with the funerals by enforcing state laws to preserve the sanctity of the services.

The Governor has asked State Police and local law enforcement agencies to strictly enforce a state law stating that  all protestors must be stay 300 - 500 feet away from funeral proceedings for two hours prior and two hour after the conclusion of these events. Protestors are also barred from blocking the funeral route or interfering with the funeral procession.

As for the people who plan to protest this tragic situation, while the Constitution may grant them the right to perform such a vile action, having the right doesn't make it right. These people are unmitigated scum.

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