One would think that teachers would have enough sense to know that underwear and shoes are required dress for school. Well, one would be very wrong.

Arkansas has been forced to make the aforementioned articles of clothing required. It's not the students (so much) that need to be told ; It's the teachers!

In Little Rock, Arkansas, the school district just introduced a new set of guidelines for teachers . . . and one of them was that teachers have to wear underwear.  Another one required teachers to wear SHOES.

The school systems have a new superintendent, named Dexter Suggs.  He says he created the guidelines to improve the, quote, "culture and environment" in the school system.

The guidelines also ban clothing with slogans, jeans, casual t-shirts, flip-flops, and hats.    And, naturally, the teachers aren't thrilled with them . . . and aren't thrilled that the guidelines were passed without consulting the union.

They won't go into effect until the next school year, so the teachers in Little Rock have the rest of this school year to do some commando, barefoot teaching.


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