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I read the other day that being a teacher was the 5th overall childhood dream job for kids. So you've gone to school, got your degree, and decorated your classroom... Should that classroom be in Louisiana or elsewhere for the sake of your career?

According to Wallethub.com, the best place to live and work as a teacher is in New York state. It turns out that Louisiana isn't very teacher-friendly. In fact, we've been named the 9th worst state for teachers in 2021. Keep in mind, everyone has had to deal with the pandemic, which means that teachers are already dealing with challenges on top of their normal duties.

So if you're doing your dream job as a teacher in Louisiana, how do you deal with some students' lack of access to or the ability to afford internet service? Did your dreams of being a teacher include fights, bomb threats, or the threat of school shootings like our local teachers have had to deal with all within in the last week? We already know that Louisiana is behind the curve when it comes to compensation. When you hear the phrase, 'overworked and underpaid,' there's a reason why teachers immediately come to mind.

How does Louisiana stack up?

Wallethub.com says Louisiana ranks 43rd overall with a total score of 39.70 which is based on 24 key indicators including income growth potential, the student-teacher ratio, digital learning plan, and more. When it comes to opportunity and competition, Louisiana comes in 46th and we're ranked 30th for academic and work environment.

All I can say after seeing all this is God bless our teachers!

Source: WalletHub

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