Where do I start with this one. Most people throw bottles or rocks. I've even heard of people throwing shoes at others. Most people throw inanimate objects. Not this guy!

Colquitt County Sheriff's Department

It would appear that this couple was have a spat while driving down the road and that distraction caused the driver to put his minivan in the ditch. Oh, did I mention there was alcohol involved. He was drinking. Maybe that had something to do with the fight that had gone to the hitting stage. Both the driver and his female companion were bleeding from the face. Police officers arrived and ask the gentleman (I use that term very loosely here.) to sit beside the vehicle while they sorted things out. I guess that is where he developed his genius  plan.

Colquitt, Georgia's James Hargraves and his passenger Frankie Harper were not having a good day and it was about to get worse. Hargraves decided to throw hi poodle at the officer then punch the officer in the fave. This lead him to being tased bro. Other officers arrived and took him into custody for a black and white limo ride to jail. The poodle was unharmed and Frankie did not go to Hollywood.

All I can say is that I am glad this did not happen in Louisiana. Have you noticed that Georgia is becoming the new Arkansas?