Thanks goodness those New Years resolutions to eat healthy are long gone!

When you're sitting at home and you get a craving for ice cream, you've got two options. You can either dig out the tub of ice cream in your freezer and work up a sweat scooping out a few servings, or you can grab your keys and head to your favorite spot to get a soft serve fix. Both of those take a lot of effort.

What if you could just push a button and get cold, creamy ice cream right in your kitchen?

device that is like a Keurig

It's called "Snow White" and I've already written to Santa Claus about it.

Essentially you will be able to load various base and flavor pods into this machine, press a button, and in two to five minutes you will have a mouth-watering dessert ready to eat. You can make ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and more all in one machine. LG also wants to make this machine, brace yourselves, self-cleaning!

I think I've died and gone to sugar heaven.

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