I love to fish and in the past I would always place my phone in a water proof bag at the beginning of my fishing trip and hope I would not need it until I was done. Now it looks like it will be an important part of my trip. I might not even need my depth finder anymore.

getty images/ Mark Runnacles

The App is called Fish Finder and it will cost you $4.99 (that is a lot cheaper than a depth finder with the same features.) It is so cool as you'll see on the video below. Can you imagine going out to your favorite spot on the river and using this thing? Those Wednesday afternoon tournaments will never be the same. No more wasting time where there are no fish. You will know what fish are there, how deep they are, how far away they are, what the water temperature is and more. The only thing this app will not tell you is if the fish are hungry. Your I Phone has just become a great fishing tool. How cool is that?




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