I hate to show my age, but this video takes me back to the days well before WiFi and the like. In fact, it takes me back to the pre-computer, pre-cable TV days when all we had was an antenna to bring in our TV signals. A lot depended on which direction your antenna was pointed and it wasn't unusual to see someone outside (yes, I said, "outside") turning their antenna so they could catch whatever station they were trying to watch.

Of course, those of us who had a thing called "rabbit ears" didn't have to venture out to adjust our TV signal, but there were a lot of little tricks to getting better reception on rabbit ears as well. One trick was to have aluminum foil flags attached to those contraptions. I don't know whether it really helped or not, but I sure tried it.

Well, now we have WiFi and everyone wants faster and faster WiFi. Who can blame them? Now, I haven't tried out any of the tips in this video so you're on your own when it comes to finding out whether or not they work. If you try any of these tips, let us know how it goes.