I'm not breaking any news here when I say that it has been one hot summer. I don't know about you, but my AC runs all the time. It keeps the house cool and gives me a real rude awakening when the bill comes in.

I'm not exactly an expert, but I found a great article in Time Magazine that had some very helpful hints about saving money in these hot summer months when the AC is cranked all the way up.


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    Clean Your Filter

    I'm pretty much guilty of not replacing the filter as much as I should. If it's been something like a year, you should replace your filter right away. A dirty filter makes your unit work harder to cool the house and it ends up costing you more money.

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    Use Fans

    Ceiling fans don't just look great, they can actually save you some big bucks in the summer months. they do a great job of spreading that cool air around a room and they're cheaper to run than that monster AC unit. Remember to run them anti-clockwise in the summer

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    Thermostat Location

    If your thermostat is located in a place where the sun shines on it, it could end up costing you a lot more money to cool your house. By the same token, make sure that conditioned air isn't blowing right on the thermostat or your house will never get cool enough.

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    Unused Rooms

    Most everyone has at least one room that is seldom used. It's usually that room where all the odds and ends wind up. Why cool a room that isn't used. Close the door to that room if you have a window unit or close the vent in that room if you have central. That will really save you some money.

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    Close the Blinds and Curtains

    Just keeping the blinds and curtains closed during the heat of the day can save you some real money. When the sun is streaming through those windows your in house temperature goes way up.