Ah, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Not that everyone that seeks a partner on line is a lying liar, let's just say a great deal is kept hidden. I've learned a thing or two in my three weeks of computer dating and, just in case you are considering such a thing, let me put you wise to a couple of the finer points.

Let's start with pictures. I've seen pictures on these sites that are so blurry and out of focus that it becomes difficult to determine whether the picture is that of a person or the Grand Canyon. Most "daters" will skip right over a profile like that. Selfies are okay, but, good grief, be aware of what's in the background. You have no idea how many bathrooms I've seen in the background of a selfie.

There is one other slight drawback to a selfie. Basically, a selfie screams, "I'm so alone, I can't even get anyone to take a real picture of me." Selfies are okay, but do your best to make them look like you care about how you look. As a side note to that one woman who sent me her profile: Next time you take a picture for a dating sight; put your teeth in.

There are yet other people who try to sneak through with no picture at all. Like I'm going to buy a house sight unseen. These people just fry me. Do they really think that someone is going to pick a casual date, much less a life partner, based on a written , sparse profile with no picture?

That leads us to your profile on these dating sites. Let me give you a really good piece of advice. You can use your profile to sort of weed out folks you wouldn't be interested in. When you fill out your profile, be very specific about what kind of person you want to attract. Spell it out. It's okay to go into a little bit of what you don't want. Be careful not to make your bio sound angry, but spell out your requirements. it'll save you a lot of time weeding through all that clutter.

Now, I don't know about the women's side of the sight, but on the men's side there are all types of scams and fake profiles. Most of these ladies want to get your attention with a great picture and nothing else. they don't fill out much of the profile and their bio is sparse at best. yeah, these ladies are out to sell you pictures of themselves, if you get my drift. Just delete them and move on.

Look, computer dating is not as bad as it sounds. I've met some fascinating women from all over the country. I've not found "the one", but I've made some great new friends. Give it a try if you've tried the local dating scene and just can't seem to meet anyone. Just know that there are deceptive people out there. Keep in mind that there are things hidden in most people's lives. Don't be shocked if that beautiful woman with the screen name of "funcajungirl" turns out to be an axe murderer. Not to fuel your paranoia.



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