We have been telling you about this monster of a Halloween party for about a month now. It is finally here! The monster Bash is tonight at 8:00 at the Isle of Capri. Rock and Roll's Greatest Hit's host Dick Bartley will serve as tonight's emcee. There will be some huge costume contest with lots of cash up for grabs.

getty images/Joe Raedle

There will be first, second and third place prizes in each of the costume contest categories. Winners will divide $2,500 in cash! The categories are scariest, best couple and most creative. Do you have your costume together? My wife and I will be there as vampires (it seems to be the chic thing to do.) We are looking forward to seeing you. Tickets are available at the Isle of Capri Fan Club and are only $5 for fan club members. We also have more free ticket stops today so be listening.


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