Does it seem to you that conspiracy theories have increased over the past few years? Maybe people are just jaded or perhaps it's the internet and we just have more opportunities to hear about these conspiracies. At any rate there are more than enough to go around.

In this video from Mental Floss, host John Green covers 22 of the best known and, in some cases, most bizarre conspiracy theories out there. Green talks about some of the most popular and well known theories like the moon landing being faked and, of course, the million and one theories about the Kennedy assassination.

Did you know that a group called the "Bavarian Illuminati" run the planet and are responsible for most of the world's major events. Did you know that Brittany Spears is a member? Now, there's a scary thought for you. Well, that's just one of many bizarre conspiracy theories you'll learn when you watch this video.

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