There was once a time when you could not talk. You being of a newborn age had not yet acquired the knowledge and understanding of how, when applied in a particular order, we communicate thought through an assortment of grunts, clicks, sounds, and noises.  

That’s language. And if you sit and think about it too long you will become very troubled.  

The written language is another form of communication and it’s basically a bunch of marks, dots, big letters, and scratches that somehow my brain has learned to display in a particular way so that your brain has an understanding of what I was thinking at the time I was making the marks.  

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Confused? Confusing? Only if you think about it too hard.  

So, I said all that to say this about why we communicate. I am not a doctor of the human mind but it certainly seems as though we have a need to not only share thoughts but to covertly assert dominance when we dare to make a sound. 

What is the complaint we’ve all voiced at some point in time, “I just want to be heard”?  I know I’ve said that more than a few times but I honestly think the only time I really mean it is when I am at the drive-thru.  

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So while we complain about not being heard we also spend more than a few minutes every day speaking to an empty room. Okay, it's void of humans and our pets but we are still flapping our gums like nobody's business.

I remember as a kid being told that talking to yourself is a sign that you're crazy. Well, call me crazy because I have some of the best conversations of my day when no one else is around. I think we talk to ourselves because hearing a voice, even if it's our own, helps us adjust and react to the message that is being delivered.

Now, there are people that do talk to inanimate objects. Are those people crazy? Well, let's see how many of these objects you've had a "chat" with and then you can tell me.

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