12 of the 16 rides at this year's Cal-Cam Fair in Sulphur were shutdown by state inspectors for being not set up correctly.

Ashley Rodrigue, Public Affairs Director of the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office told KPLC:

It was deemed that 12 of the 16 rides on site had not been set up appropriately and contained safety issues including but not limited to broken seatbelts and electrical malfunctions...

This is very concerning to me as a father.  In many of these rides you put your family's life in the hands of the company that assembles these rides.  It's shocking that so many of the rides were deemed to be unsafe.

A National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Official (NAARSO) inspector is in route to Sulphur to follow up with the event.

The Cal-Cam staff and ride operators and working with state inspectors to get the rides in safe condition and back up and running today.

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