I first met Bruce Merchant in 1994 when I was hired to do afternoons and be the production director at LA99. Didn't see him often as he was the overnight guy, but he was around occasionally during the day filling in for vacations.

He, of course, is a big Houston Astros fan, and does the P.A. work for McNeese sporting events.  I remember he also notarized some documents for us when we sold our house in Delaware after moving here.

After he left LA99 to pursue radio ownership, we'd see him around town once in a while at Swashbucklers or Landsharks games at the Civic Center. He came to work for us again a few years ago and has taken a lot of work off my shoulders, doing what most radio people loathe in the production room. Dubbing. That's where you record someone else's work into the on-air system. 

A few years ago, before a big luncheon meeting with the corporate poobahs, we were chatting outside the conference room when he told me he wanted my job; "Not right now," he said, "but when you retire."

Be careful what you wish for, Bruce, you might just get it.

 Here are ten things you may not have known about Bruce Merchant:

  1. He has been in radio for over 41 years, all in the Lake Charles area.
  2. His favorite color is orange.
  3. He played the bass drum in his high school marching band (Vinton High, class of 1975)
  4. He likes to jog, and played softball every summer till the team retired in 2011.
  5. Two of his favorite part-time jobs were flower delivery and car wash janitor.
  6. He has been "The voice of McNeese" as PA announcer and sports play-by-play since 1986.
  7. He have been an avid fan of the Houston Astros and New Orleans Saints since 1967.
  8. He owns a small radio station in Sulphur.
  9. Baseball is his favorite sport.
  10. He love to drive! He will drive just about anywhere for any reason.

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