Gary isn’t kidding when he talks about how he tricked me into auditioning for the morning show.  That was 11 years ago. (11 years, 1 month and 7 days, but who’s counting)  We really did meet working on Lake Charles Little Theatre’s production of “Forever Plaid.”  Gary was in the show and I was tasked with teaching Gary and the rest of the Plaids to dance.  Think herding cats, think stapling jello to a tree, think belligerent toddlers on stilts.  Ah, memories…

Anyway, the bruises healed, the charges were dropped, the show closed, the trickery ensued and here we are, over a decade later, still talking to each other every morning.  Kinda sounds like an early pitch for the “Golden Girls,” doesn’t it?

So here they are...10 things you didn't know about Gary:

  1. Gary made Eagle Scout on his 13th  birthday.
  2. Gary plays guitar, mandolin, trumpet, French horn as well as keyboards. Not too bad on guitar…mediocre to truly awful on the others.
  3. In the '70s, Gary sang and toured with a rock group called “Mace.”
  4. Once had a nationally syndicated radio show on ABC Radio Network.
  5. When Gary was a musician, he actually appeared once in 16 Magazine.
  6. Gary has been in five movies and has a new one called “Man in the Chair” coming out this summer.
  7. Is a member of Celtic Nations Foundation.
  8. Met Heather when she was choreographer for a musical called “Forever Plaid.”
  9. Gary can’t dance. (Seriously, he can’t -- I don't think he knows which foot is which!)
  10. Favorite food is pretty much anything that involves pasta and tomato sauce.