Tis the season for cooling off at the beach for Louisiana residents and we have all the items and gadgets you'll need to make your day one to remember.

Photo by Teagan Methorst on Unsplash
Photo by Teagan Methorst on Unsplash

Going to the beach is more than just showing up, you need gear, a beach kit so to speak. You need products to block and protect you from the sun, fun things for the kids to do, places to sit, and much more.

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Ten Essential Must-Haves For The Beach:

1. Sunscreen

My mom would kill me if I didn't discuss sunscreen first, she's the sunscreen queen. This goes without saying, a must-have for sure.

2. Beach Tent

Here in SWLA, at some point, everyone is going to be looking for some shade.

3. Beach Umbrella

If you don't want to lug a whole tent to the beach, then a big umbrella will give you some shade to get a much-needed break from the sun.

4. Soft-sided Cooler

The days of dragging a heavy plastic ice chest to the beach are over. This cooler is the perfect size to bring some water and snacks to keep the party going at the beach.

5. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing goes better together than the beach and music. So crank up The Lake and laissez le bon temps rouler!

6. Beach Chairs

Even the kids are going to need a place to sit a while to rest from all the swimming and games.

7. Beach Games

One great way to keep the kids occupied at the beach is to have a wealth of games on hand that they can play with.

8. Beach Lounge Chair

This next essential beach must-have is a classic.

9. Sunburn Relief

It's almost a sure thing that someone in the group will get sunburned. Products with aloe, lidocaine, and menthol will help to relieve and protect the burn.

10. Beach Towels

The last essential beach must-have are towels to dry you off. You can't get in the car soaking wet and they also can help protect your skin after you're done swimming by throwing them over your neck and shoulders.

Places to Go Tubing in Louisiana

When it's summertime in Louisiana and you need to be outside, in the water is where it's at. And while our water isn't exactly crystal clear, it still is nice to take a dip in sometimes. Here are a few of the spots around the state where you can get in the water and enjoy a leisure tubing trip down a river or creek.

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