Several months ago, I wrote a piece about my life with depression and I was very happy to hear that that article gave some people the push they need to seek help for that very real problem. That’s better than applause to a writer. Rest assured that if you got something from the article, I, too, got a lot out of it.

Writing about the problem let me get it out there where I could look it over and size it up. In my case the writing of that article was very therapeutic. The funny thing is that a great number of people have said that it was a brave thing to do. I appreciate that, but it’s just not true. I felt no bravery at all when I was writing the piece. I just wanted to share. I wanted to share my experience because I know that millions of others deal with the problem.

I was talking to a friend just the other day and the subject of that article came up and they told me what a brave thing I did and I had to correct them. I informed that that I’m not brave at all. “If I was brave, I’d write about my journey with the Holy Spirit. Then I’d really be laying it on the line.” As soon as I said it, I knew I had to do it.

Later that day, I decided that I must share my journey no matter how scared I am to open myself up for derision and ridicule. I can’t concern myself with such things. I have to share these thoughts with you. I have to share some of the things I’ve learned since this journey began. I thought that, perhaps, in sharing my story, someone’s life can be blessed. Just maybe a few people will read about my journey and at least be curious enough to seek for themselves. Perhaps one or two other people will step forward and share their gifts with their friends and begin using their gifts in their everyday lives.

As I share my journey, you’ll find that I’m real big on gifts. I’m currently writing a book called “When Faith Becomes Fact” and a great deal of that book talks about the many and varied gifts we all have.

This is just an introductory piece to what I plan to publish every Sunday morning. Next week, I want to talk a little more about these gifts. I want you to know that, even if you think you have no gifts that you do indeed and you have them in abundance. Think about that until next week.

If you want to get a head start, read Matthew 25: 14-30.