Why are we so fascinated by water? It’s not like its rare or anything. After all it makes up most of our planet. Still, from the time we are born we are drawn to water. We revel in it when we are young and its bath time. A bathtub full of nice warm water is the greatest playground in the world to a little kid. I think children enjoy water a little more than adults. When I was a kid I didn’t see just a tub full of water. I saw an ocean full of pirate ships and submarines.

One of the coolest things about being a kid is being able to, not only imagine these things, but kind of believe them as well. For just a few moments there in your tub of warm water and Mr. Bubble, you actually are in the ocean or a great lake. For a moment, just a moment mind you, it’s real. You really are the captain of a ship or some great explorer. Don’t you wish you still had that capacity for imagination?

Water seems to bring us joy when we’re young. Just as the bathtub is no longer just a few gallons of water, a mud puddle after an afternoon rain can open up a whole world of possibilities. Do kids still play in the rain? It would be sad to think of all those puddles going to waste. When it comes to sparking the imagination of a child, a good puddle is right up there with an empty cardboard box! You know the kind of box I mean. To your folks it was just something to toss out after they had removed the TV or fridge, but to a kid, the possibilities are endless.

From the moment they see a cardboard box; a kid will transform that thing we threw out into something wonderful. At that moment all sense of disbelief is gone. The world around is gone and, at that moment, they are truly in another world. And it’s all because of a tub of water or an empty box and a thing called imagination.

Sometimes, in my imagination, I like to think about what heaven is like. Everyone has their own opinion and if you ask the proverbial 100 people for their vision of heaven, you, of course, get 100 different answers. I have my own ideas about heaven.

There’s a beautiful old gospel number called “Uncloudy Sky” and it’s a great little song, but I hope the skies are not uncloudy.  I like to think that we’ll still have afternoon rain showers and puddles and cardboard boxes.