I've been thinking about faith and positive thinking a lot lately. the two go hand in hand, you know. You can't have one without the other and I'm even slowly working on a book about the very subject of faith as we speak.

My dog, Hank, actually taught me something about faith and it ties right in to my theory that true faith can be very powerful when, in your heart and mind, faith becomes fact. It's kind of the old advice that says that you need to picture your goal as already having been achieved. Once that becomes fact in your mind, faith becomes fact and that's when the fireworks really start popping!

Hank and I have this weird sort of routine that we do. I don't remember just how it started, but when I let Hank outside to do his business, he likes to roam around a bit before tackling the task at hand and, quite often, he wanders across the the street. that put him about 50 yards from the front door. When Hank finishes up, he then turns and runs as fast as he can to the front door and enters the house at full speed.

Hank doesn't slow down as he gets close to the door. If anything he runs all the harder because he is excited to be back in his climate controlled house. One day it struck me that Hank knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the door will be open for him. He knows I won't shut it at the last minute and hurt him. In his little doggie mind, the open door is not just a matter of faith, it's a fact. he doesn't even consider the possibility that the door will be closed.

That's how trusting we should all be in our relationship with God. Don't just believe that the door is open, know it for a fact in your heart and your faith will become fact. From that starting point you can go anywhere and do anything. Make your faith fact and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the door will always be open.