David Morgan does the afternoon show on 92.9 The Lake. I first met David in 1994 at the airport in Houston. We flew him in to interview him for a position with the old LA-99. He did not look like your typical DJ and I could tell right away that he was smarter than most. He proved that when we arrived in Lake Charles.

Dave Morgan

At the time it was very hard for me to get my job as Program Director done because I spent so much time producing the station's commercials. I needed to hire a Production Director. I really liked the samples David had mailed me and set up his trip to Lake Charles. I decided to put him to the test and gave him a bunch of commercials to do right then. He did them all perfectly and in short order. He was hired that day. David has been here ever since. He has been Production Director that whole time and went from the afternoon show on LA-99 to the afternoon show on 992.9 The Lake.

I thought I would share with you ten things you might not know about David.

1. David grew up in Detroit where his dad worked for Ford. This was back when Detroit was one of America's biggest cities.

2.David has three brothers and a sister who all still live in the Detroit area.

3. David worked the lights for his high school Stage Crew and took radio classes in high school (my school did not have those ...darn it.)

4. David was drafted in 1970 and joined the Army where he was awarded a Purple Heart for his role in the Vietnam War.

5.David is an elder at his church.

6. David met his wife (Ginger) when he was thirty. He was very cautious (or scared) and did not marry her until 3 years later.

7.David is an excellent cook and does most of the cooking at his house. He also does a lot of sweeping since he has eight cats!

8. David's favorite music is Motown and Classic Rock. Of course he is a big Bob Seger fan.

9.David's favorite TV shows are Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

10. David was a DJ on a black radio station before moving to Louisiana.

And a bonus one...

11. David and his wife bet (household chores) against each other on baseball and football games.