I spent 11 great years at LA-99. It was my radio home though the 90's. The studios in Westlake hold lots of great memories for me. I made a lot of friends and we had a lot of celebrities come through there. What's left of that building is sad.

Don Rivers

I was working in Lafayette when they moved from the old building to the brand new building on Lakeshore Drive. It looks like there was a race to get out of the old building. There was a lot of trash and artifacts left behind. It's like they knew the building would never be used again. There are old LA-99 stickers on the floors along with old paper work. The outside of the building is now covered with sheet metal so no natural light or human visitors can get in. This has not stopped assorted animals from getting in though.

The building still has the KLCL transmitter in it and that is the only reason it has not been demolished. There is talk of moving the transmitter out to the tower. That will happen someday. Until then the halls are eerily quiet and dark. It's like the apocalypse has happened and here is what's left. I did a video walk through so you can see what's left.