bad drivers

Drivers Who Really Cook My Grits
As I understand it, to get a drivers license in this state, one must complete drivers education. Well, now that makes me wonder, "Who the hell is teaching these people how to drive."
Road Rage Driver Head Butts Cars [Video]
A guy in western Australia was arrested on Monday after he crashed his car on the freeway, got out . . . and started attacking random cars and HEAD-BUTTING them.
Someone caught a few seconds of it on their dashboard camera, but it apparently went on for 10 minutes.  Police say the man might have…
Idiot Driver Sentenced to Wear a Sign
My nephew has a name for people who are so wrapped up in themselves that other peoples problems, feelings or safety don't matter. The word is "obliviot." It's a cross between "oblivious" and "idiot."
It seems that there are more obliviots than ever before. People who con…