Ever had your car towed? I'm sure it's not a fun experience, but this guy took a bad situation and made it worse. Much worse. I'm pretty sure he did some serious damage as he tried to drive his car off a tow truck. Not on the list of smart things to do, but who said the guys was smart?

We don't know the drivers identity or why he was being towed, but that really doesn't make any difference. The bottom line is you can't be all that smart and try what this guy is trying to do. His car was already hooked to the tow truck and the back of his car was in the air. He must have front-wheel drive because as you watch the video, you'll notice that his back tires aren't turning.

Despite the fact that it was obvious that he wasn't going to get anywhere, you got to give it to the guy for determination if not intelligence. It's just amazing how many times he tries shifting from drive to reverse in an attempt to keep his car from being towed. I wish the video had included a damage estimate on his mini van.