The heat is still on for Bobby Jindal and House Speakers Chuck Kleckley as efforts to have both men recalled continue. Folks behind the recall have 180 days (beginning with the recall petition start date) to collect enough signatures to force the recall. The magic number is 33% for each politician. That’s 33% of voters state-wide for Jindal, while Kleckley’s 33% must come from his district.

Educators are the main group behind the recall efforts because they were directly affected by the recently passes voucher program and new teacher accountability rules. It’s not that the teachers don’t want to be accountable. The main gripe coming from the teachers is that they feel that they did not get much of a say in the process.

The group has not announced how many signatures have been gathered so far. The final date for the recall petition is September 1st.

A recall does not mean that the men would be ousted from office. If the recall is successful, a new election would be held.