Smoking pot can make you stupid...Guess that's why everyone in the 60's thought Cheech and Chong were funny.


Chronic Pot Smoking Can Make You Stupid
Researchers said a new study shows that chronic use of marijuana causes a decrease in the number of brain receptors involved in a wide array of important mental and bodily functions, including concentration, movement coordination, pleasure, pain tolerance, memory and appetite. Chronic use of the drug causes a decrease in some receptors that bind with THC, the psychoactive chemical in cannabis. According to the Society for Nuclear Medicine, researchers compared the brains of 30 chronic daily marijuana smokers to non-smokers over the course of roughly four weeks. Using molecular imaging, researchers were able to visualize changes in the participants’ brains and found the cannabinoid CB1 receptors of the smokers had decreased by roughly 20% compared to the otherwise healthy people with limited lifetime exposure to marijuana. The researchers re-scanned 14 of the smokers after one month of abstinence and found a notable increase in receptor activity in areas that were deficient at the beginning of the study, suggesting that adverse effects are reversible.

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