Beatles To Release ‘Anthology’ Tracks On iTunes

Michael Webb/Getty Images)

The Beatles have always been very protective of their music publishing so it always takes longer to get Beatle tunes on sites like iTunes.

No doubt, losing so many copyrights when Michael Jackson was able to acquire the rights to all their early material made them a lot more careful.

The Good news is that the surviving group members have worked out a deal with iTunes for the Beatle's Anthology!
The Beatles’ three album set will be released on iTunes June 14th. The individual albums will sell for $29.99, or all 155 tracks as a boxed set for $79.99. A 23-track set of highlights will sell for $12.99, and individual tracks will sell for $1.29 each. A special “Anthology” video and a 50-minute “Meet The Beatles” radio show are now available for free on iTunes.