One of the major complaints of consumers in retail outlets is a lack of customer service. But, JCPenny CEO Ron Johnson may have a plan; Do away with checkers and let folks check themselves out just as we do in almost all grocery stores. This move could not only increase some profits but also help out with the customer service problem..How?

JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson says he is determined to drastically change the structure of the store in an attempt to restore the company back into profitability and save its more than 1,000 stores nationwide.

One way Johnson plans to "save" those stores is by doing away with old fashioned check out systems  and incorporating  "self check" machines much like we find in all grocery stores. The idea is not real popular among employees and its not impressing the buying public either.

The thing is, JCPenny doesn't plan to do away with store clerks. In fact Johnson points out that by installing the new "self check" technology, it will free up clerks to actually help customers and that will be a very good thing.

JCPenney plans to implement its new self-check-out system in early 2014.