Dress rehearsal for Gridiron 40 was interrupted last night by the severe thunderstorm that blew through town.  Jim Beam was on stage rehearsing a bit when the wind decided to come in and take a look.

I went to the civic center this morning to talk to my friends and cast members about exactly what happened.  My friend Daryl Boyd  told me that during rehearsal the wind blew open the huge over head doors that allow trucks to enter the backstage area. If you've seen the door, you know how big it is. Daryl said, "That huge metal door was flapping in the wind."

Vera Hollier was backstage near the door at the time and was injured as was Cornell Thomas. Vera was taken to the hospital and is reportedly doing fine. Takes more than a metal door to slow down Vera! She is a regular in the Gridron shows and quite a trooper!

All other cast members are doing fine and ready to put on a great show tonight!

Break a leg, gang.