The thunderstorm we experienced last night was tremendous. I took sat on my back porch and watched for a long time. Across town, and nearby, the experience was not nearly as serene. In fact, many today are finding streets blocked by fallen trees and many are still without power.

Above is a picture (gee really?) of the scene this morning (Saturday) of a tree that was toppled across Louisiana Avenue near Broad Street. Crews are waiting until the fallen power lines can be removed before they are clear to go in and start the huge task of removing the tree.

Power lines are also down in various parts of town and it may be awhile before power can be restored to a few areas because of fallen trees.

The storm also caused damage and a couple of injuries at the Lake Charles Civic Center. Cast members of Gridiron 40 were in the midst of dress rehearsal when the storm blew open a dock door. One cast member was taken to the hospital and is reportedly doing fine.