OK, whomever left the human heart in a Ziploc bag please come pick it up… what?!  A human heart was discovered in a field off Milan Avenue in Norwalk, Ohio next to a gasoline station.

On reading this, instantly a dozen corrupted song titles flashed through my head: “I left my heart… in Ohio”, The Heart of Rock N Roll isn’t beating in Norwalk”, “Owner of a lonely heart….in a sandwich bag!”  OK you get my drift we could go on with lame heart jokes all day.  A heart left in a plastic bag in a vacant field, it has the imagery of a David Lynch movie in which a human ear was left to be found in a park. (Blue Velvet)

Authorities have almost eliminated the hearts owner as the person that left it in the field, more mysterious is the fact that the heart was fairly fresh and had not started to deteriorate.  According to the local police they don’t have a heartless body in a fresh murder case, the coroner thinks the heart may have been frozen prior to being left.

Presently the coroner’s office is running fluid tests to see if there are any preservatives, a local vet is looking over the heart to see if maybe it came from a pig or other animal with a heart like a man.  It may have come from a funeral home, an autopsy, a medical school – there are a lot of possibilities.

In fact the prime reason investigators even released the story to the public is to see if anyone pops up to claim the heart and relate how it came to be in a bag in the field.  So if you’re missing a human heart and think you may have accidently flung it out the window in Norwalk, Ohio let me know and I’ll get you in touch with the proper people.

I’m reminded of author Steven King who once when questioned about some of his stories, claimed he wrote with the innocence of a youngster, in fact he said he had the heart of a small child… in a jar on his desk.

As this story develops, I’ll keep you posted.  If I have the heart to.