The Oxford English Dictionary has announced the new words for its latest edition, and some of the words that made the list include "moobs" and "squee". This particulate dictionary gets updated every year and often includes the latest slang and technology language.

The Oxford English Dictionary has been around since 1884, and its annual "new words" is much anticipated.

1.  Fuhgeddaboudit. Literally it's just the phrase "forget about it" all run together. Thank you, Sopranos. 

2.  'Merica . . . Yeah, As in 'America" without the "A" at the beginning.

3.  Bracketology.  You might here this one more during March Madness. It has to do with the various brackets the teams are divided into.

4.  Moobs . . . With a nod to Jerry Seinfeld, Moobs, as you probably know, is short for "man boobs."

5.  Swirlie.  I've never heard this one before. It's when you dunk someone's head in the toilet and flush. I would assume that there might be some adult beverages prior to this one happening.

6.  YOLO.  You Only Live Once

7.  Squee. Basically, it's a new word for "cute."

8. Kegerator.  - Every self respecting redneck knows that a kegerator is just a refrigerator with a tap on the front, and a keg of beer inside.