Yes, I'll have the steak tartar and a side order of irony.

The big-wigs in the food industry got together to discuss how to make food, especially food from restaurants, safer for the public when, suddenly, irony reared it's ugly head.

The conference is called the Food Safety Summit, and it draws pretty prominent people . . . including some from federal agencies like the FDA and CDC and major companies like McDonald's and Tyson.

About 1,500 people went to the conference and only four got sick, so it's not like EVERYONE got food poisoning . . . but at THAT conference, even ONE is too many.

After the people got sick, some Baltimore health officials inspected the convention center's food service areas and found a few minor violations . . . but nothing that looked serious enough to make people sick.

You've really got to feel sorry for those people. I mean, having to be in Baltimore!

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is still investigating what happened.  (NBC News)