This video has gone viral all over the world with millions of views. It's quite simple, kid riots, mom takes him to task for it.

Moms have a way of taking the coolest people in the world and making them look very uncool, but this mom has now "uncooled" her son in front of millions of people. It's seems that sonny boy was going to be a big shot and take part in a riot, but mom wasn't going to have any part of that and showed up to take our brave young man home.

I'm sure we've all had embarrassing moments caused by our moms, but since this one has gone viral I'm sure very few of us have an embarrassing moment that compares to it.

My mom once brought me lunch at school, but it wasn't just a sandwich and some chips. No, my mom had to bring a banquet of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and dessert. I was having a feast while everyone else was choking down cafeteria food. Looking back, it was great of her to do that and now it stands out as a great memory. I have a feeling this young man won't have any great memories of the day mom kicked his butt in front of the whole world.