The story behind "The God Song" goes like this:

From the K-EARTH website:

It was back in 1984, one week before Christmas, when a tape labeled “From God” was left at the K-EARTH 101 studio door. After listening to it, the staff at the time decided to play it on the air and got a huge reaction from it. We’ve played it on the air every Christmas season ever since.


At 92.9 The Lake, we played "The God Song" last Christmas and we also got a lot of response about the song. Of course, we will play it again this year, but since no one has claimed authorship, we want to share it with you.

Is the story about how this recording just happened to show up at K-EARTH true? Who knows? I know we're all a bit cynical about such things. Who can blame us? We've all been duped at one time or another. We've all come to view the world with a doubtful eye and, on the odd occasion, when good news does rise to the surface, the natural reaction is, "yeah, right."

So, true or not, I'm going to believe the story. Even if it's not true; It should and could be.

If you've heard it, I know you'll enjoy it. If you have a friend that needs to hear this, share it with them. You never know when you might be the very lifeline someone needs right now.



That fantastic piece of artwork in the post came from Flickr and the contributor is listed as tomt6788-There was a link to see more of the contributor's work so I'm including it HERE