"It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma"

- Winston Churchill

No, that quote is not from the Oliver Stone movie, JFK, it is a quote from Winston Churchill from a speech he gave in which he described Russia. Still, the quote decidedly applies to The God Song since little to nothing is known about the origins of this piece.

Legend has it that it showed up on the doorstep of radio station K Earth in Los Angeles and the guy about to go on the air listened to it and decided to play it. Well, the response was amazing and they decided to play it as part of their regular playlist. That took place years ago and the song is still the most requested song at K Earth at Christmas time.

The mystery behind the song is that no one knows who wrote it or where it came from. The song was recorded on a plain white cassette and the only thing written on the cassette was, "God's Song." The history and identification of the artist may never be known.

Over the years, the song has since been discovered by the rest of the world and now, it gets airplay all over the world as this time of year. The song, while not really a song per se, is an open letter from God telling us how much he loves us and we get calls every year asking us to play it. Of course we will play it on the air, but so many people have asked, I've decided to put it up here so you can listen to it whenever you like.