It seems that Billy Joel has always been around, doesn't it? Well, at one time, he was just a member of a band and he wasn't even lead vocalist.

One of the bands, the first one, was called "the Hassles" and they did actually release a couple of albums.

Thought you might enjoy seeing Billy Joel in the days before he became a mega star.

The Hassles were a rock group in the 1960s, most notable for recording the first releases to feature Billy Joel. The group released two full-length albums (United Artists Records) and a number of singles.[1]

The original line-up of the group was Billy Joel (keyboards), Jon Small (drums), Richard McKenna (guitar), John Dizek (vocals), and Harry Weber (organ). Harry Weber was later kicked out of the band, due to excessive drug use, and replaced by Howie Blauvelt (bass). Dizek left some time after their first album, at which point Joel took over on vocal duties. Joel and Small eventually formed Attila (Epic Records) while Blauvelt later joined Ram Jam. You'll remember the song "Black Betty" was a hit for Ram Jam in the summer of 1977.

So, here are the Hassles...NOT featuring Billy Joel. He seems to be looking at something in the sky for the most part.

BJ makes his appearance at around the :28 mark. What the hell is he looking at?