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This Week Poll Results — Wedding Gifts and Burned Out Songs
It is very difficult to be a Classic Hits station. You have to constantly balance playing great songs while not burning them out. We thought we would put a few songs in a poll and see if any of them were getting burned. We also ask you "What would you do with wedding cash?" The ans…
Billy Joel Donates Piano to University
Billy Joel has long taken an interest in educating younger generations of musicians. This runs from his acclaimed Evening of Questions and Answers and a Little Bit of Music series to today’s news that he has given a piano to the music department of Stony Brook University on his nativ…
Billy Joel Opens Up About Depression
Billy Joel says that, in recent years, he has battled depression. Depression doesn't care how famous you are or how much money you make and a great many people have problems with what Winston Churchill called 'The Black Dog.'
I can identify with Joel as I have battled depression a grea…
20 Years Ago: Billy Joel’s Final Album Released
By the time Billy Joel entered the studio for his 12th album, 'River of Dreams,' he had sold millions of records, toured the world, won Grammy Awards and had a wife and family. By all appearances, he seemed happy, fulfilled and poised for another two decades of success. Behind the scenes, …
Billy Joel Takes on The Rumor Mill
One thing about being famous, when you don't go out and give a ton of interviews, people start making stuff up about you. there's not a star out there who hasn't been the subject of the rumor mill, and Billy Joel is no exception. Joel recently had an interview with The New York Times …
Billy Joel Before he was Famous [VIDEO]
It seems that Billy Joel has always been around, doesn't it? Well, at one time, he was just a member of a band and he wasn't even lead vocalist.
One of the bands, the first one, was called "the Hassles" and they did actually release a couple of albums.
Thought you might enj…
Happy Birthday to the Compact Disc
The Compact Disc is now 30 years old! I'll wait you you swallow and say, "Gee I couldn't be that old!"
Not only is the CD 30 years old, it's almost obsolete!
Here's a bit of background:

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